6 Books About Psychology Homework You Should Read

Studying psychology is the equivalent of embarking on an amazing exploration into human behavior and underlying mental processes. Success in the field relies on your exposure to various materials and updates with trends in your field.

Reading books is thus vital to gain insight into professionals and to widen your perspective of psychological arguments. Here, we have covered books that help in your growth and tackle common ideas for psychology homework. 

Why study psychology?

Besides your career, studying psychology helps you to better understand yourself and others, improving your communication. Psychology also exposes you to research, building your critical thinking skills and whetting your appetite for knowledge. 

How to study psychology

Often, you will find psychology majors struggling with questions like: how will I do my psychology homework? How can I keep up with various trends to make the most of psychology writing assignments?

These tips should come in handy to guide you on your assignments, ensuring quality scores. 

  1. Read vastly to expose yourself to various perspectives, widening your grasp and capacity to argue out various concepts.
  2. Create more time for study and take on tests to gauge how well you can recall various ideas you’ve studied
  3. Find a conducive study space that is free of distractions, to master maximum focus for your study sessions.
  4. Form a study group to efficiently share responsibilities and bring a variety of ideas to study sessions.
  5. Always get enough sleep and take breaks in study to recharge your focus and ensure maximum productivity per study session.

Books to help you cope with psychology homework

If you are looking to widen your understanding of psychology and easily reach various psychology homework answers, here are some great books you could read.

  1. The stress-proof brain: Master your emotional response to stress using mindfulness and neuroplasticity – Melanie Greenberg

In this book, Melanie Greenberg offers the tools to identify stressors and highlights some approaches to overcome stressors and boost resilience. After applying these tips, a student can develop stress tolerance, overcoming various tussles in a student’s life without resorting to negative tendencies. 

The book will also guide you on maneuvering unhealthy habits e.g., procrastination, allowing you to stay ahead of various assignments. 

  1. Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength and Happiness – Rick Hanson

This book is a great read that helps develop your self-worth, kindness, and joy. The book offers you tips on how to deal with stress, helping you pursue various dreams with contentment, 

The book also helps you widen your understanding of various topics, helping you in various topics and research. 

  1. The nature fix: Why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative – Florence Williams

This amazing creation by Florence Williams tackles various reasons for stress and highlights the benefits nature has to offer for mood, health, and creativity. The book allows you to identify various sources of stress and exposes you to a wide range of knowledge on the benefits of nature. 

This book is thus handy to help you overcome stress and learn how to meditate and have a productive student life. 

  1. How to break up with your phone – Catherine Price

Mobile phone addiction has become a scourge that many students struggle with. This book by Catherine price outlines the steps to break free of addiction, restoring your power to manage your time and achieve maximum productivity.

  1. The art of thinking clearly – Rolf Dobelli

The art of thinking clearly is a great read that analyses reasoning and guides you on how to overcome various cognitive errors. Here, Rolf outlines the criteria to gauge your routines and remedy your decision-making, 

This manual will allow you to develop healthy habits, giving your studies a sense of direction. 

  1. The little book of psychology – Emily Ralls and Caroline Riggs

This book by Emily Ralls and Caroline Giggs is a great tool to widen your knowledge of various psychology concepts. The book introduces you to multiple ideas, arguments, and developments, enabling you to enhance your understanding of learned concepts. 

Final take

Reading is a great way to strengthen your grasp of ideas in a particular field. These books will not only guide you toward personal growth but also widen your perspective, helping you manage various concepts better. Feel free to consult our experts for psychology homework help, to stay ahead of your deadlines without compromising the quality of your assignments. 

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