WP SimpleMail

WP SimpleMail is an email client built into your WordPress dashboard.


  • Works with any IMAP compatible email service, including Gmail. If you are unsure if your mail service is supported, post in the Support Forum
  • Multi-User Support allows your users to connect to their own mailboxes, either on the same or on an entirely separate mail server, as well as manage their own preferences.
  • Track contacts using the Address Book. With multi-user enabled users can share their contacts with other users by making their lists public.
  • Automatically store commenter names and email addresses
  • Visit the Support Forum if you have any questions before purchasing the plugin.

WP SimpleMail

Buy Now$14
Make sure you test drive the Free Version before purchasing the full plugin.

Requirements: WordPress 3.2+, PHP IMAP Extension
This plugin has not been tested with versions of WordPress earlier than 3.2. The plugin also requires that the IMAP extension is enabled.


Viewing a Message

Address Book

Email Menu

Admin Bar


After your purchase you should receive a download link. Make sure to save your download link as you will need it to download updated versions of the plugin. After you have extracted and uploaded the files you can activate the plugin. Once the plugin is activated a Email Settings link should appear under the Settings menu in WordPress. Navigate to the Email Settings page to configure the plugin.

For help configuring SimpleMail, visit the Support Forum

Before you can check or send email you need to configure SimpleMail. After activating the plugin a new set of options will appear on your dashboard sidebar. Under Email click Configure. There are 4 options that are critical to connecting to your mail server: Host, Flags, Username, and Password.

Host is your mail server address and port formatted as [address]:[port]. Address can be an IP, domain, or localhost. Port is your IMAP port (usually 143). Here are some examples of what your host address might look like:

  • mail.domain.net:143
  • localhost:143

Username is the username for your email account. Typically this is your email address (ie user@domain.net), but not necessarily. Password is the login password corresponding to the username.

Flags are additional parameters supplied the the imap_open function used the create the IMAP stream. If you are unsure what flags to use, use the default values. See the debugging connection section below if you can’t connect.

Debugging Connection Issues

Before making any modifications to the flags setting, make sure that the host, username, and password are 100% correct. Ensure that you are using the correct port number. 143 is the default, but might not be correct in all cases. Also verify that IMAP is supported by your mail server. If you are certain all other information is correct, the issue may be with the flags setting. If the connection still fails and you are unsure what flags to use request help in the Support Forum.

Performance Issues

If you experience longer load times when using the WordPress dashboard after installing the plugin it may be because of a slow connection between WordPress and the mail server. Disabling notifications will prevent WordPress from attempting to connect to the mail server when not viewing a mailbox directly. Note that the plugin will never impact WordPress’ performance for non-email users.

Using POP3

While the plugin does support POP3 connections, there is no guarantee that it will work correctly. You should only use POP3 if IMAP is not supported.

145 thoughts on “WP SimpleMail

  1. Warning: Connection failed with flags: /imap/ssl/novalidate-cert
    Attempting connection with common flags…
    Connection Failed

    Host imap.gmail.com:993
    User / Address xxxx.yyyy@gmail.com
    Password zzzzz
    Flags imap ssl validate-cert
    Connection Timeout 10

    but doesnt work.

    I also tried with pop.gmail.com:993 and pop3 flag, but it doesnt.

    I’ve tried more anda more times to rewrite password…

    always the same error…

    • I’m sorry to say there isn’t a whole lot I can do about this problem. Another user claims to be able to connect to their gmail account using that configuration. Personally I cannot duplicate it, but I am able to connect using POP3. I’m continually looking into new solutions to this problem, but gmail has been a problem since the first version of this plugin.

  2. Hello there,

    i just wanted to let you know that it works with gmail imap using the following settings:

    host: imap.gmail.com:993
    user / address: user@gmail.com
    flags: imap/ssl/novalidate-cert

    connection timeout: 10

    However, some characters are displayed like garbage…

    (Some chars like “ș ț ă â î”)

    • Thanks for the info.

      I’m aware of the encoding issues and it should be fixed when I get around to releasing a new version.

    • I’m currently running it on 3.0 and everything appears to be fine. Can you please provide more details about the problem you are experiencing.

  3. when ı add first add ı receive all emails but now ıhave this error why it can be

    Warning: Connection failed with flags: /pop3/novalidate-cert
    Attempting connection with common flags…
    Connection Failed
    For support visit Tinsology.net
    Could not connect to the mail server. Please double check your settings.
    Visit Tinsology.net for support.
    Feedback Needed!
    Version 0.6.2

  4. I like your plugin a lot, it’s just simple, clean and quite well done. But about one thing I’m wondering: It’s very slow and I just don’t know why, perhaps you’ll know why. Perhaps the reason is not your Plug-In at all, but more the reason is the slow link to my IMAP server at domain*go (subdivision of domainfactory).

    I’ll like to read you – do you copy ;) (Like it was once told via radio communication in the good old days)

    Thanks for that great plugin :)

    • The performance of the plugin depends heavily on how quickly it can communicate with the mail server. While it does technically work with remote mail servers it is really meant for local mail servers. On a slow server (as is common on shared hosting accounts) performance might not be so great as well.

      I’m not sure I get your meaning when you say “do you copy”.

      • No problem, I think even when it stays that slow the most important thing’s for me is that it’s working :)

        Ohh, don’t get the word copy wrong, please. Usualy you ask first via radio transmission “do you copy (my voice)” and then you often say “I’m reading you” – I know it’s a little bit strange. It’s done via am|fm transmissions in the amateur circles and even in the professional ones.

        So I hope you and no other understood me wrong. I though to ask you like I’d make a transmission, you know that was the idea behind it. Because here are so many comments and you’ll working at all of them.

        Nevermind, thanks for the reply :)

        • Oh okay I get you now. I forgot to mention, if you disable notifications in the configuration menu simplemail won’t check for email everytime you load the dashboard. This should prevent any bottlenecks associated with checking for email when loading the dashboard, the downside being the only way to see if you have mail is to check your mailbox manually.

  5. Hi,

    Tried this today and worked immediately and very fast. WP 2.9.2

    3 things I need.

    I need an email I send copied to the sent items.
    I need the sent items folder to be available (and any other folders as well if possible)
    I would like to access several accounts at the same time.

    Not much really :-)

    • Folder support (including a sent folder) will be included in the next release. Multiple accounts is something I’ll consider for a future release, but it most likely won’t be in the next version.

      • Hello… any idea when you might have the Sent folder ready? Next release time frame?
        We would be willing to help with some funds if that was available…
        Please advise.
        Thanks again.

        • If it were up to me I would sit down and work on this non stop until it was finished. Unfortunately I have other obligations at the moment and I can’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to my own projects. This issue isn’t money. Well technically it is, but if I had to choose between a stable income and a one time deal I’d have to go with the former.

          It is however on my to do list which is slowly but surely getting shorter. I would give you a time estimate if it weren’t for the fact that there is a fair chance that something will come up and I would miss it altogether. Plus having a deadline takes all of the fun out of personal projects :)

  6. I’d like to help if possible. I am having problems with Gmail as well. Any resolution on this?

    • Unfortunately I have not been able to find a solution to this problem. Some people report that they are able to access gmail through pop3 (I haven’t heard of anyone being successful with imap). The connection logic in the next version has been completely overhauled which should simplify the process of resolving this issue (if it is possible).

      Development is slow however, for a variety of reasons: The next version is essentially a complete rewrite with overhauls of almost every component as well as introducing new components, I’m trying to graduate which means loading up on units, and, lets face it, this is a free app, so any projects that will help pay the bills will take priority.

      This isn’t to say that development has ceased, I do enjoy working on this plugin and as long as there are people using it I will keep working on it. Hopefully this answers your question as well as addresses why updates are few and far between.

  7. Hi

    since the update of wordpress a couple of weeks back I have found that the simplemail plugin runs really slow, I have unticked the check notifications as was mentioned and it still runs slowly

    the other thing aswell since the update is that the previously fixed no subject bug seems to appear again and I cant open any emails with no subject heading


    • The largest change in the last update was an encoding fix, nothing major. I suspect that you have an unrelated performance issue, but let me know if the problem continues.

      As for the no subject bug, I will look into it as soon as possible.

  8. Hi Again, just a question,… when I select ‘Toggle all’ , i can not delete all¡¡¡, i have to delete emails one by one… it is posible to fix it???
    many thanks, again

  9. Awesome plugin!! Thanks for making it!! Would be great if the option of adding a “From” who area… Like in Thunderbird or any email account, you have a Display name. There we go, a display name :) Would be an awesome feature in my mind!!

  10. hey, good morning to the world… this plugin works perfectly¡¡¡¡ it’s a great advance for our daily paper… please, run for the next version with all the changes the people put here¡¡¡¡¡
    millions of thanks…

  11. Hi I am setting this up for my work with a wordpress install. I would like to be able to set this up for a suscriber to use not only an admin. How would that be possible.

    • You can set the min user level in the configuration menu. Note, however, that this plugin is not intended for use by multiple users; every user will share the same email address. A multi user version is planned but I don’t have an estimate on how long it will be until development even begins.

  12. You are awesome. I musted read an important mail on a SSL-secured mail server and the pupblic computer i was using wouldt let me enter the site. But with WP Simple Mail it only took few seconds. Thank you very much.

  13. Bombed.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function imap_timeout() in /home/content/p/i/e/piet305/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simplemail/wpSimpleMailCommon.php on line 43

  14. Warning: Connection failed with flags: /imap/novalidate-cert
    Attempting connection with common flags…

    tried messing with other flags, but I get additional errors.

  15. I’m excited to get going with this plugin, however after I activate the plugin I click on the ‘Email’ link and get the following error.
    PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at E:\*EDITED FOR SECURITY REASONS*\wp-admin\menu-header.php:83)
    I edited the source directory for security reasons.
    This is version 2.8.3
    Any help is extremely appreciated.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Most likely this issue is being caused by another plugin. I’ll look into the issue and hopefully fix it in the next release.

  16. Hi your plugin is great and I use it daily but recently I’m finding myself forced to deactivate it because it slows down my whole WP-admin to a point that its almost not useable.

    I’ve tried to erase and reinstall your plugin but I get the same problem as soon as I activate it. Is there a way to fix this? thanks

    • This plugin was designed to use a mailbox on your localhost. It will work with a remote mailbox, but there is no way to avoid the reduced performance associated with connecting to a remote server. Disabling notifications will prevent the plugin from checking for new mail when your admin area loads and may solve your problem.

      Edit: Just to clarify you can disable notifications in the SimpleMail configuration area.

      • Hi,
        This fixed the problem, thanks!
        On another note, I’ve noticed in the output of emails that slashes (/) appear before apostrophes (‘) is there a way to fix this? Thanks

        • That’s an issue that will have to be addressed in a later version, but it is on my to-do list. Thanks for reporting that issue.

  17. Hi

    Still enjoying this plugin and how easy it is to use

    a couple of little things and complex since my last post that may make it better, not sure if they can be easily done however
    I will start with the easy things, Display name, could this be added in at all? instead of geting an email from say test@test.com it would show as from john Smith

    and the more complex things are as follows

    Sent box, just to see that mail has been sent
    Draft mail, as it says really, save a draft, send later etc

    even more complex i suspect, an address book, to add our contacts in so we could somehow clck to send an email (I know there are address book wordpress plugins but nothing that would incorperate simple mail)

    i guess the latter ones will then open up alot of new paths to go down and maybe something not worth the hassle in all honestly but something worth a mention

    Keep up the fantastic work


    • Someone would have to translate the plugin from english. WordPress makes the process fairly straightforward. If you’re interested in translating the plugin let me know. I’ll have to improve the localization beforehand but that shouldn’t take too long.

      • Ok, but i mean how do i get the swedish letters to show properly in subject and email?
        We have a and o with dots you know.

        • That’s an encoding issue, currently the default encoding is utf-8. There is no way to work around this in the current version, but it is something I will look into for a future release.

            • As I said before this is something that needs to be addressed in a future version. The problem is caused by messages that do not use proper encoding, other mail clients are more robust in this regard, but it is not something the current, beta, version of this email client is made to deal with.

        • Unfortunately I haven’t kept up with the localization as this plugin has evolved, so it is not ready to be translated just yet. Having it translated is something I’d look further into closer to a 1.0 release. Thanks for the offer, I may contact you in the future.

  18. I like this idea, but unfortunately I’am getting that same issue with the plugin not returning the message list, Just shows a blank. I can tell you that I run my own mail server(“legit-ly”) and also running squirrel mail. My mail server logs show no communication from the plugin. I do have communication from squirrelMail and from wordpress. This verifies that my PHP functions are correct for IMAP. It might stem from the tcp socket creation call. Thanks for a base start, Happy coding…


    • Usually this is caused by the imap_open function call hanging (ie the connection hangs). Most likely this has to do with the flags you are using.

  19. Nice plugin, but I have an issue whenever I click on the email to read or click on the reply. I get the following:


    Any ideas? I’m running with WordPress 2.8, php 5.2.9-2


    • So it displays the text

      Can you provide me with a screen shot? I’ve never encountered this error and I’m not sure if it is being caused by the plugin or your PHP configuration.

      • I get the same message:

        Denna XML-fil verkar inte ha någon associerad stilinformation. Dokumentträdet visas nedan.(In swedish) = This XML file dont seem to have any associated styleinformation. Documenttree shows below.


        • I haven’t been able to reproduce any of these errors, if possible can someone provide me with the xhtml source and/or a screenshot.

            • Thanks for emailing me.

              I looked at the code and I have no clue how xspf, which is an xml markup for playlists, code ended up there. Do you have a playlist or xspf plugin installed?

              It may also be an issue with your email provider, what service are you using?

      • This is what get displayed.


        I do have the PRO Player plugin installed to play FLV video files, I also have the NextGEN Gallery plugin for photos.

        • I looked at the PRO Player documentation and it does support XML playlists. If and how it is interfering with simplemail I can’t say for sure, but I do know that the code I wrote does not have any XML, or XSPF code. If you don’t mind, try deactivating the pro player plugin and check if simplemail works.

    • I deactivated the PRO Player plugin and everything works fine. So you have to make a choice… PRO Player or email…

      • I’ll look further into the issue and see if there is a way I can prevent the interference. Hopefully I can fix the issue in a later version. Thanks for helping me determine what was causing this error.

  20. An issue with attachments.

    Using either IMAP or POP3 without sending attachments everything works great.

    My issue is when sending a message with an attachment the recipient now opens their new message to see a Content-Type: text/plain header, then message text, then the attachment as Content-Type: text/plain
    Sort of like below…

    Content-Type: multipart/mixed;boundary=”–a6f2941161cec969833f6f424845ecf4″
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”UTF-8″
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

    This is the test text content of the message sent

    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
    Content-Type: text/plain; name=”TEST.txt”; charset=”UTF-8″
    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”TEST.txt”


    Any ideas on how to sort this out?

    Here’s a suggestion.
    You should add a “precaution” note in the readme and to the WP site plugin page about setting permissions to the cache dir as any attachments in an inbox message will not show.
    It would also be useful to set the flag readonly as default to avoid deleting a message with a “hidden” attachment.
    Maybe add also a “check permissions” tip to the Upload Failed “update-nag”


    • For reference I’m using in Host mail.mydomain.net:993
      and flags imap/ssl/novalidate-cert
      IMAP c-Client Version 2004

      by the way, this is a potential top 10 plugin, great stuff.
      Very useful to incorporate an admin only email account into the dashboard


      • Attachments are still very much in the beta stage. I’ve been working on a way to phase out the cache directory entirely, but I’ve been having problems with files not persisting when they are not cached. The next version will hopefully correct the problems you are having.

  21. Very good plugin, man. I use it to check the admin email for my WordPress every day when I log in, so my personal email isn’t bombarded by tons of alerts. So far, no problems with it at all. The only feature I want is for links in emails to work.

    • I’ll see about adding that feature into the next version. Currently, links work in HTML messages but not plain text.

  22. Hi, this is a great idea for a pluign. I’ve just created a completely vanilla install of WP2.8 and the only plugin active (and downloaded) is wp-simplemail. Install procedure runs fune and the “Email” menu appears. However, if I click on that I am given an error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function imap_timeout() in /you/dont/need/to/know/wp-content/plugins/wp-simplemail/wpSimpleMailCommon.php on line 43

    I did a quick check across the PHP files and that function doesn’t seem to be defined anywhere.

    If I comment out line 43 which is imap_timeout(IMAP_OPENTIMEOUT, $timeout); then run the plugin, the error is obviously removed, but now quite literally nothing happens. Nothing appears on the inbox or compose screens. I’m assuming this is because the timeout value isn’t set, so is defaulting to 0 and therefore nothing is being processed…or something like that anyway.

    Running on my own slicehost account with Apache/PHP on Ubuntu and not had any sort of problems with any of the ‘standard’ plugins.


  23. Hi,

    Great plugin, one of the best I use.

    the only things i can think of that would make this even better yet simple would be forwarding emails, and opening emails without a subject (this can still be done by clicking reply but without a subject it can be strange)


    • Thanks for pointing that out. I’m suprised someone else hasn’t reported that bug before. Unfortunately I’m out of town right now, but as soon as I get a chance I’ll release a fixed version.

      Incorporating forwarding should be fairly simple. Version 0.6.1 will incorporate the bug you mentioned as well as be 2.8 compatible. Forwarding might make it into the 0.7 release, which will include UI improvements and folder support.

      • Hi

        Thanks for taking the time to reply and look at the problem/bug

        Wasn;t really a huge problem but its all working fine

        Thanks for such a great plugin

  24. I started having a weird problem after updating to WordPress 2.8
    I can compose an email in Simplemail but when I try to reply to an existing email, the screen goes blank except for the Admin panel and Simplemail header. Is this a javascript problem?


    • I haven’t been able to duplicate that particular bug, but I have noticed some strange behavior in 2.8. I’ll be working on fixing these issues today and hopefully I’ll be able to release a new version sometime tonight.

      • Turns out this only happens to an email with many attachments. I can’t retrieve the attachments, nor is there any indication in Simplemail that there are any, but when I use my webmail, they are there. I forwarded the email to myself as is with 2mb of attachements and it did the same thing. but when I stripped the attachments off and forwarded it to myself, the problem was gone.
        Hope that helps.

  25. This is a great plugin. I am using it on 3 of my sites.
    I am hoping that you would consider a sent mail hook so that I can resend existing mails and save stuff I wrote.
    Any chance of including that in the future?


    -Jeff Sheets

    • Incorporating folders (ie Sent, Drafts, etc) is something I’ve considered for future versions. It is not in the works yet, but it is something I would like to include before a 1.0 release.

  26. Hi i get this error message when i try:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function imap_timeout() in /home/a1632114/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simplemail/wpSimpleMailCommon.php on line 43

    Please e-mail info@visionarygeneration.com with info please.

    • If the PHP IMAP functions are not available in your PHP installation you will not be able to run this plugin.

  27. It looks great man ! I have tried yet but it seems that your plug-in doesn’t allow user to send attached document. It would be great to let user to send an email with attachment.

    Will test the plug-in and provide you feed-back. Great Work !

    Trong Trang

    • What version are you using? The latest version should support attachments. Please let me know if you are experiencing issues with this feature.

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  29. Excellent plugin, ‘does exactly what it say’s on the tin’.

    This now gives me everything I need in one place and easy to get hold of.

    So far, noticed no problems what-so-ever!

    Thank-you for this one!!!


  30. Hi there,

    Really quite impressed with this plugin. I know it is still early days, but it shows a lot of promise.

    From an IMAP point of view I think the next step will be folder support, both in the menu and support for sent/trash/junk.

    Overall I hope you keep Simplemail, simple. Currently my options are Squirrel Mail (ancient, clunky, but straight forward) or Round Cube (whizzy, but javascript can backfire). So a modern alternative for SQ would be great.

    For the record I am running it with localhost:143 using IMAP and it is fast.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. Folder support is one feature in a list of features I’m considering. Honestly if I incorporated every feature that has been suggested or that I’ve considered, I’d have to take Simple out of the plugin name. Folders, however, are toward the top of the list of things I might add.

      Right now I’m focusing on resolving connection issues and trying to simplify the connection process. I don’t feel like the current method if very user friendly, so in 0.6 you will probably see a complete overhaul of the current connection system. After that is complete I will consider what other features fit in well with the system while still maintaining the ‘simple’ concept.

  31. Hi,

    I tried to use your plugin but I failed.
    I set the server and my account details but the inbox and the compose site are absolutely empty. Also in debug mode nothing will be displayed.

    Thnaks in advance for your answer


    • What service are you attempting to connect to? What flags are you using? What is the hostname and port?

      Certain services are rejecting connections and there isn’t much I can do to prevent that. If you post your settings I might be able to help you.

      • Hi,

        it is a private email service. Port 143 is also here the standard port for IMAP. I didn’t change the flag. Maybe the service rejects the connection. I will ask the provider. But in debug mode your plugin should write something like that, right?

        Best regards

        • Hi,

          one thing slipped my mind. It is a “https://” site. do I have to change the IMAP flag than? Please tell me in which way.



          • It shouldn’t make a difference if it is https. http/https should not be a part of the host name (ie mail.domain.com not http://mail.domain.com). Since your port number is 143 I doubt it is SSL that is causing the problem (which was my first assumption).

            The only thing I can think of that might fix this would be to use the secure flag:

            For a full list of valid flags:

              • Maybe try a POP3 connection (/pop3/novalidate-cert).

                There’s not much I can do. The plugin relies on PHP to open the imap stream, and some mail services don’t like to allow the connection. Every service is unique and it is difficult to ensure that the plugin will work with any service.

                By the way, the reason debug mode isn’t activating is that the service is allowing the connection to hang. In order for debug mode to kick in the service needs to reject the connection or allow it to timeout.

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  33. Hi Tinsley, thanks for the help. It really works out fine, it’s a simple email plugin :) . I noticed some more questions about multiple users. At the moment only Admin’s can use the mail. i manage a website for a students association of mine and it would be really sweet if they, as in ‘Editor role’ could use it to. Is it possible for me toadjust that.

    I don’t want to give admin rights because they will likely screw up the theme accedentally.

    Greet Roy

    • Currently the the user level required to use the plugin is hardcoded to 8. In the next release I’ll make this configurable, which I should have done from the start.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

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  35. A dashboard widget would be very nice. The configuration is very easy, but I got lots of errors on my local testserver just when I wanted to activate it trough the built-in plugin installer. But for now it is ok. Also, a link to write a mail would be just fine in the upper right corner of the backend where you can write a post easily. Hope you understand…

    The inbox should be more wordpress-like and temporary save the files in the database. Because when I delete them from the server, they’re not in my dashboard anymore…



    • What errors do you get?

      What do you mean by backend? Where exactly would you like the link to be placed?

      The reason the emails disappear from your dashboard when you delete them from the server is because the plugin is only allowing you to access the mail on that server. It is not a seperate mailbox. A plugin to reliably save the files in the database would have to intercept incoming mail, which would be a much more difficult task (and impossible for remote mail servers) for a plugin.

      Thanks for the suggestions though.

      I’m interested in exactly what errors you’re getting so I can fix them before the next version is released.

  36. Matt:
    Great plug-in. Wondering if your plans include turning this into a widget or to support shortcodes that will allow users to check their email within the site. I have a site that, for all practical purposes, is an invitation only website for my family and friends. I would love for my kids to be able to log in to our home page and be able to check their email without having to go to the dashboard. As the plug-in stands right now, I am the only one that can check emails because my email address is coded into the config screen, right?

    • Multiple accounts is something that I have planned for a later version. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll be thinking about a way to move the plugin beyond the dashboard.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  37. Your plugin is working good for me. Thanks!

    But here is one suggestion:

    As lots of mailservers simply use spamassassin to flag spam mails, it would be nice to have a builtin function, that deletes those mails on the server. This could be integrated into your plugin.
    My mails’ subjects are changed to *****SPAM*****, if recognized by spamassassin. A simple rule to move those mails to trash would be great.

    Is this possible?

    • Yes that is possible. Right now I’m focusing on basic functionality, but filters are something I can look into for a later version.

      Thanks for the suggestions :)

  38. 0.3.6 Should be available soon now. This version includes a function that will attempt to find the correct flags when a connection fails. Hopefully this will fix a lot of the problems people are having.

  39. I tried to get this to work with a Google Apps / GMail account. It doesn’t appear that would be possible since GMail has a different server and port for outgoing vs. incoming connections. On GMail IMAP, outgoing mail uses smtp.gmail.com on port 465. I got the debug message below when using these flags:
    /imap /ssl

    WP Simple Mail Debug Mode
    Host: imap.gmail.com:993
    User: lisa@lisapace.com
    Pass: xxxxxx
    IMAP Errors: Connection failed to gmail-imap.l.google.com,993: Connection timed out
    IMAP Resource Value
    0 Can’t open mailbox {imap.gmail.com:993/imap /ssl}INBOX: invalid remote specification
    1 Connection failed to gmail-imap.l.google.com,993: Connection timed out
    2 Connection failed to gmail-imap.l.google.com,993: Connection timed out

    Host/IP: imap.gmail.com
    Port: 993
    Error Number: 0
    Resource Value Resource id #148
    Could not connect to the mail server. Please double check your settings.

      • Thanks. I removed the space and tried again with debug mode still on. This time, after waiting few minutes, instead of a debug message I got a blank screen (other than the WP Simple mail title). Then I turned off debug mode and tried again, and got the same results when I tried to go to the “Email” screen. After several minutes the page finally loaded, but just the title, no other content was on the page.

        • In the gmail settings section there is an option under Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Under IMAP access set it to allow IMAP access. Please let me know if this fixed the issue.

          Disregard, I solved the problem. Details below.

        • I have good news and bad news and really good news. The good news is that I figured out how to connect to a GMail account. The bad news is that their server seems to be rejecting IMAP connections.

          To fix this you need to make sure that POP3 is enabled in your gmail account.
          Then in WP SimpleMail:
          Set host to: pop.gmail.com:995
          set your username and password
          and set flags to: /pop3/ssl/novalidate-cert

          The really good news is that WP SimpleMail seems to be working well with POP3 connections. :D

          Sorry for the trouble. I’ll see if I can streamline this process in future versions.

            • The settings I used to connect to my gmail account are:

              Host: pop.gmail.com:995
              User: My gmail address
              Pass: MyPassword

              Flags: /pop3/ssl/novalidate-cert

              Make sure that your account is set to accept POP connections (in your gmail settings under POP3/IMAP)

              If the problem persists post back with any error message. If you do get an error message switch into debug and post the response.

              • pop is enabled and everything. I triple checked everything and even reinstalled it. All i get when I click email is a white screen that says WP SimpleMail 0.3.7 at the top.

                • Everything I’ve read so far regarding the topic seems to indicate that connecting to a Gmail account is fairly subjective. I’ve read about people being successful and others unsuccessful while using identical settings. It might depend on your PHP build, or it might be how Google as implemented IMAP (or it might be which way the wind is blowing). I will continue to try to find a solution to this problem, but having difficulties connecting to Gmail with PHP’s imap functions is more or less universal.

                  Earlier today my POP3 connection to Gmail worked fine. Now it doesn’t. I suppose in the morning it will again.

  40. Alright, I kept line 53 as is, and added imap/ to my flag, now I get this:

    Warning: imap_open() [function.imap-open]: Couldn’t open stream {mail.abelcreative.comimap/}INBOX in /public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/wp-simplemail/wpSimpleMailFuncs.php on line 9

    WP Simple Mail Debug Mod
    Host: mail.abelcreative.com
    IMAP Errors: Connection failed to tinsology.net,143: Connection timed out
    IMAP Resource Value
    0 Can’t open mailbox {mail.abelcreative.comimap/}INBOX: invalid remote specification
    1 Connection failed to tinsology.net,143: Connection timed out

    Host/IP: mail.abelcreative.com
    Error Number: 0
    Error: Failed to parse address “mail.abelcreative.com”
    Resource Value
    Could not connect to the mail server. Please double check your settings.

    • I’d like to apologize for all of the bugs (it is a beta after all :) )

      I’m working on a new version that should be able to determine imap flags on its own so hopefully that will fix the problems you’re having.

      Also, please provide me with a link (ie to your homepage or whatever) so I can add you to the contributors section.

      Thanks for all of your help.

  41. The debug tool had some code left from an earlier build in it so that should be fixed in 0.3.4 (should be availalbe soon).

    The error you are having is most likely because by default the plugin uses self signing certificates. Set your flags to imap/ and try it again.

    In a later build I will probably write a function to generate flags automatically.

  42. Alright, new error (I was using the wrong email server, but this is what I get now)

    Warning: imap_open() [function.imap-open]: Couldn’t open stream {mail.abelcreative.com}INBOX in /public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/wp-simplemail/wpSimpleMailFuncs.php on line 9

    Host: mail.abelcreative.com:143
    IMAP Errors: Connection failed to tinsology.net,143: Connection timed out
    IMAP Resource Value
    0 Certificate failure for mail.abelcreative.com: Server name does not match certificate: /C=US/ Ramon/ Sombrero Circle/O=Site5 Internet Solutions, Inc./OU=Security Group/OU=Comodo PremiumSSL Wildcard/CN=*.site5.com
    1 Connection failed to tinsology.net,143: Connection timed out

    Host/IP: mail.abelcreative.com
    Port: 143
    Error Number: 0
    Resource Value Resource id #363
    Could not connect to the mail server. Please double check your settings.

  43. is this supposed to be in wpSimpleMailFuncs.php

    53: if(!$mbx = imap_open(“{mail.tinsology.net}INBOX” , ‘test+tinsology.net’ , ’51454984′))

  44. alright, here are the errors I’m getting (i’ve only removed the user/pass) and this site is currently hosted at site5.com:

    Warning: imap_open() [function.imap-open]: Couldn’t open stream {mail.emailsrvr.com}INBOX in public_html/demo/wp-content/plugins/wp-simplemail/wpSimpleMailFuncs.php on line 9
    WP Simple Mail Debug Mode
    Host: mail.emailsrvr.com
    IMAP Errors: Connection failed to tinsology.net,143: Connection timed out
    IMAP Resource Value
    0 Connection failed to mail.emailsrvr.com,143: Connection timed out
    1 Connection failed to tinsology.net,143: Connection timed out

    Host/IP: mail.emailsrvr.com
    Error Number: 0
    Error: Failed to parse address “mail.emailsrvr.com”
    Resource Value
    Could not connect to the mail server. Please double check your settings.

  45. I’d like to be added as a contributor – I’m configuring this now and testing (I use mosso for hosting) – will be sending you some issues shortly

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