Tab Override

Tab Override allows you to enter tabs into the content field (the main text area) when writing posts or pages.

Version: 3..0.1

Compatibility: WordPress 2.9+, MediaWiki 1.7.0+

Download (WordPress): Tab Override
Download (MediaWiki): Download - Version 2.0.1
jQuery Plugin:

Installation (WordPress)

Download and extract the plugin from the above link. Upload the tab-override folder to your plugins directory. You can then activate the plugin for your WordPress dashboard.

Installation (MediaWiki)

Download and extract the plugin to your extensions directory, then add the following line to your LocalSettings.php file:

require_once( '$IP/extensions/tab-override/tab-override.php' );


No configuration or editing required. Just activate the plugin

Some Notes (WordPress)

As always the Visual editor will destroy your formatting, including tabs. In addition to this, tabs will function as they normally would in the Visual Editor. If you stick to the HTML editor, your tabs will remain in your code, though they will only be visible if they are nested in pre tags.

If you primarily use the visual editor this plugin is most likely not for you. If you use the HTML editor or frequently post source code this plugin is for you.

Compatible Browsers
Thanks to Bill Bryant for adding chrome, safari, and IE support!

  • Opera 9+
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • IE6+




  • Added the option to use spaces rather than tab characters (configurable on the settings page)


  • Fixed a compatibility issue with IE


  • Created by Bill Bryant
  • Adds support for chrome, safari, and IE
  • Shift+Tab now removes tabs
  • Multi-line tabbing now works


  • Added Firefox support


  • Initial Release
  • Opera Only

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10 thoughts on “Tab Override

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    • You’re thinking of the wrong kind of tab. The plugin you refer to allows you to add tabbed content to a post (ie like tabbed browsing). The plugin I wrote allows you to press the tab key and have a tab character appear in a text field.

      Porting that plugin to wordpress wouldn’t be too difficult of a task, but right now I have a little to much to do to address that. Maybe in the future, but right now I have 2 plugins that I just released, another that I’m trying to update, school, and a second blog that I just started.

    • @ Tinsley: This sound like exactly what I’ve been looking for.

      @ Supermag: There are two plugins that accomplish what you are looking for. I added their links to your post on WordPress.